Heated Seats – why upgrade?

warm car seats
Heated seats keep you cosy in any weather!

If you have landed on this website after searching for information on heated car seat upgrades then there’s a good chance you are already considering the upgrade.  But why are heated seat upgrades so popular?  We all love comfort, and there’s no denying that just being warm and comfortable is a bit motivation to upgrading to heated seats.  But let’s put that lovely warm feeling aside for a moment and look at some of the other reasons a heated seat upgrade is a good investment.

Heated seats add value to your vehicle

Whether your vehicle is a car, a van or even an lorry upgrading to heated seats will increase the value of your vehicle.  A heated seat upgrade will also make your vehicle more desirable to buyers.

Used car buyers are now a lot more savvy than they used to be.  A lot of buyers will have done a lot of research before ever leaving their houses. A clued up buyer will know exactly what to expect for their money.  If a buyer is going to look at your car then they will also be looking at several other used cars that are exactly the same make and model.  Each of these cars will have the same features and ‘toys’.  If your car is the only one that has a heated seat upgrade can you see how this will make your vehicle more desirable?

Heated seats increase taxi fares

Most of what we have talked about so far has focussed on the comfort of you, the driver.  We have also briefly discussed how upgrading to heated seats can increase the value of your vehicle.  But for taxi and minicab drivers there is another huge advantage to upgrading your car seats.  The comfort of your passengers.

If you drive a taxi then you’ll know that repeat business is important.  Which firm do you think potential fares will go to on a freezing cold day?  They will remember how warm and cozy your taxi is, and will likely choose your taxi over one without heated seats.  Most taxi rides are too short for your customers to have time to acclimatise to the warmth of your vehicle.  It simply takes too long for warm air to make your customers feel properly cozy.  Heated seats make passengers feel instantly warm, comfortable and valued.

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