Heated Car Seats

snow on carHeated Car Seats are one of the most popular features of modern cars.  But unlike air-conditioning and parking sensors not many vehicles come fitted with heated seats as standard.  What might surprise you is just how cost-effective it can be to retro-fit heated seats to your vehicle.

  • Improve comfort on cold mornings and wintery days
  • Increase the value of your vehicle
  • Installed to original factory fitted quality
  • Cost-effective and fitted with minimal disruption

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Heated Car Seats – Why?

Before we start looking into how cost-effective upgrading to heated car seats can be let’s pause to consider why heated seats are such a popular after-market upgrade.  One the first things to consider is the category of after-market upgrades heated seats fit into.  There are two main categories of upgrades car owners buy; performance and comfort.

One type of upgrade is the performance upgrade.  Consumers are now perhaps less likely to spend money increasing the performance of their vehicles for a single simple reason – almost all new cars on the market are already high performing.  Even the absolute cheapest car these days is very efficient on fuel and a joy to handle.  For example, a cheap ‘super-mini’ type car won’t win a grand prix, but it will likely out-perform many of its more expensive predecessors from twenty or thirty years ago.

So if we’re not spending money on upgrading the engine or other mechanical functions of our vehicles then where are we spending it?  Comfort.  While all modern vehicles can get us from point A to B in a reasonable amount of time, without breaking down, we all crave a comfortable journey.  This is why some after-market upgrades like leather seats and lumbar support are so popular.

So heated car seat upgrades are popular because they make journeys more comfortable.

car with heated seats
Heated seats make your car more comfortable and increase the value of your vehicle!

Heated car seats, why are they popular?

Imagine a scenario for a moment.  You’re cruising along a perfectly clear and smooth road.  The stereo in your vehicle is sounding crystal clear.  The satellite navigation in removing the stress of needing to wrestle with paper maps.  Your car upholstery is smelling fresh and looking clean.  The kids in the back are silently absorbed in whatever they’re watching on their portable screens.

But something is wrong.  Despite the fact you’re within such a comfortable environment your body is tense and rigid.  Why?  You’re cold, that’s why.  You are cold because your seat is cold.

frosty cold car
Stay warm and cosy on frosty mornings with heated car seats

When we’re driving there’s only two parts of the car we’re in constant contact with; the seat and the steering wheel.  Only our fingers are in contact with the steering wheel, but most of our body is being cradled by this freezing cold seat.  Even with the super-efficient heating system in your car blasting you with hot air your body still feels chilled to the bone.  Only a heated seat is going to make you feel really warm.

On cold mornings or freezing cold days a lot of drivers do something quite odd when they feel cold.  They switch off their heating, even although they still feel freezing cold.  A lot of drivers reluctantly turn off their heating for one very good reason.  Having hot air blasted at your face when the rest of your body is frozen rigid is horrible!  In some cases this brutal mix of hot and cold can bring on motion sickness.  If you have heated seats this problem can easily be avoided.

Heated car seat upgrades made simple.

Upgrading your car seats to heated car seats is easy, cost-effective and will increase the value of your vehicle.  Heated seats upgrades are available for both cloth and leather seats, and are fully compatible with factory-fitted or after-market lumbar support systems.

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